Askims Fjord

Askims Fjord is situated on the western cost of Sweden, on the south of Goteborg, which is one of biggest cities in Sweden. Hundreds of tourists visit this Fjord of Sweden every year. It is also known by a short name, Askimsfjord.

It is like a long arm of the sea making a channel between the mainland and islands. It actually connects two larger bodies of water. Askims Fjords comprises of many smaller islands, what are ferried by small boats. These boating routes, make it easy for commerceal ships to enter and exit Goteborg, thus helping the trade to flourish.

The natural setting of Askims fjord is serene and calm. It is also known as one of the biggest natural reserve for Sweden's wild life, flowers, plants and trees.

The Askims Fjord s is visited by fishing enthusiasts and offers one of the best outdoors adventure for fishing. Although not much is known about the actual population living there, there are about 12, 000 people living around Askims Fjord. It has elevation of about one meter above the sea level.

Without doubt, Askims Fjord is immensely popular among tourist and locals. Visit this fjord to experience the raw nature.

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