Fjords of Sweden

Fjords of Sweden is actually a long narrow inlet of water stretching in land. The sides of the fjords often rise at an angle to make a valley.  So the fjord actually lies in the bottom of valley. There are many fjords of Sweden, which have often been formed when a glacial valley gets flooded by the sea. U-shaped valley gets cut through  due to the graze  and scrape of the immediate bedrock by the sediment and rock it carries.

Most of the fjords of Sweden were created during recent ice ages when the sea was at a much lower level than it is today. These bights and narrow inlets on the Swedish Baltic Sea coast, and in most Swedish lakes are visited by a large number of tourists all over the world.

Browse this section to learn about Askims Fjord, Gullmar Fjord and Sundsvall Fjord.

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