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There are no regrets only aspirations to continue lasting friendships and a search for perennial happiness in life. Another thing he was especially noted for were his tall tales One in particular had to do with Sheeba, the only 10 foot something or other in captivity Safeties! For 35 years Graham has been designing, matching, manufac- turing, testing and custom-assembling marine condensers and vacuum systems. Cods heart was stolen by the graceful cruises, and that is where you will find him after gradua- tion With his personality and desire, you can bet any ship Mike sails on will be 4,0 all the way. Kevin barely made it through plebe summer thanks to a humorous lemon chit he sent to his squad leader ' s girl- friend Academic year came easier for Kevin as he skated through plebe year as a varsity ock.

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The hood US — top , though modified, continued to have a removable frame that had to be erected before the cover was put on. As horeau would rather sit in the open air, lor no ust gathers on the grass, " his thoughts will ' ways be usl beyond that next woods where it lelongs He ust wants to glance back someday find It was all worth It Three Hundred f lineteen rj ' yyt ' ff? But better that, than argue with him, that was really fighting a losing battle " Jabo " was active sportswise in sailing, and academically in a dou- ble major These look up most of his time but not enough to keep him from being one of the rrxDSt dominant personalities in the company. As one of the 3 black sheep of the Systems Eng Dept , he led the other two through the darkest hours He was always will- ing to get up and " do it before quarters " This hell raiser is full of lite and Navy Air will reach new heights with Ken flying along. Heartbreaker this scotch swallowing son changed girlfriends like most people change socks Bill was adventur- ous Be It the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Little Creek or surprised in a tight situation Mort!!!

United States Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook (Annapolis, MD), Class of , Cover

Ward did well despite a constant string of complaints from the engineering, sciences, and math depart- ments His motto was. Bear has endeared himself to his company mates and has livened up many a party; he has commanded respect and has earned much influence within the company. Also, never one to waste a free period. Mike quickly became a member of the 3 c. The hood US — top , though modified, continued to have a removable frame that had to be erected before the cover was put on. Fondly called Duds by his classmate s, this pnmo Californian. Frustrated gym- nast Oldy moldies.
Chuck started out slow academically but soon mastered the books and has built up his cum ever since. Only a few people truly understand Larry and know what he does in his free time time that is well spent out in the real world for sure. Wire-guided TOW missile is the A ' iv ' s primcirv anti-tank weapon at battalion level. Great music is a rare and beautiful event — with great equipment from Pioneer. Bob was ways ready to talk about music, girls, or beer. With " Surface Line is mighty fine " echoing in his ears.
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