The Mountains in Sweden

There are thousands of mountains in Sweden, around 2000 to be precise. Tourists love exploring these caves and mountains in Sweden, offering new exciting adventures to the travelers. Just remember to carry the right gear when thinking of going to these mountains and exploring them. You will not only find them beautiful, but challenging too. Remember to carry flashlight, a rucksack and tough boots with food and water supplies. Just be careful when moving through the murky depths of these mountains in Sweden.

A couple of the major mountains in Sweden are Kebnekaise, Kebnekaise Classic, Åreskutan , Åreskutan's peak and many more. Kebnekaise is the highest mountain in Sweden, standing with a height of 117 metres above sea level. Located in Lapland, the road through this mountain can be challenging.

Kebnekaise Classic offers one of Northern Europe's most demanding and challenging competitions, where the participants  must climb 4 mountain peaks in two days. Åreskutan's peak is 1,420 metres tall and is enclosed by several other smaller peaks. With Lake Kallsjön located to its north and plenty of brooks and streams flowing along, tourists will enjoy the rich flora and fauna of this mountain. Åreskutan is best known for its wide array of skiing activities, in both summer and winters.

Mountains in Sweden have an abundance of wild life like reindeer, fox, char, hare and grayling. The higher you go, the more overwhelming the experience gets. Other notable mountains in Sweden include Helags and Sylarna which feature glaciers in Jämtland's, which are also the highest alpine areas in Sweden.

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