The Sweden Coastline

When you explore the Sweden coastline on map, you will find it dotted with so many small islands. While some of these islands are green and lush, others are barren and rocky. The coastline is 3218 km in length.

You will find five main archipelagos on the western and eastern sides of the Sweden coastline. Rolling hills, steep cliffs, narrow valleys and deep bays mark the High Coast on the Gulf of Bothnia. This is also UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Still on the east Sweden coastline, you will find about 24,000 islands forming the Stockholm archipelago. You will also come across, islets and skerries, stretching 80 km east of the city. All these islands are serviced by regular ferries and you can literally hop from one island to other all your holidays.

Along the Sweden coastline and its archipelagos you will also find many water sports to enjoy. Have fun with kite boarding, yachting, water skiing, canoeing, windsurfing and kayaking. For all those nature lovers, there is plenty to watch along the Sweden coastline, for instance, sea birds, and seals. Watching the sea like is really a treat for the eyes.

Off the Sweden coastline, along the coasts of the islands, you will also find limestone pillars in Gotland and Öland. They have stood like this for time immemorial. The white sandy beaches are haven for someone searching for paradise. The coastline is gifted with beautiful surroundings and natural beauty.

Enjoy fun filled activities on the beaches and have a memorable vacation. You will find small personal hotels to experience Sweden amongst areas of stunning natural beauty. Enjoy a peaceful cruise between Stockholm and Gothenburg along the Sweden coastline. Explore Sweden's first marine reserve, making a bio diverse marine environment.

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