Sweden National Parks

Sweden National parks are never short of visitors. Care is taken to see that these are easily accessible by the tourists. These national parks stretch all over the length and breadth of the country.  These top Sweden National parks boast of glaciers and high alpine peaks.

If you looking for wilderness and solitude, then head for Laponia. One of the famous Sweden National parks, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to the Sami people. The four parks, Padjelanta, Muddus, Stora Sjöfallet, and Sarek Sweden National parks cover about 10, 000 square kilometers.  They are filled with waterfalls, birch forests, tundra, deep valleys as well as frothing white glacial rivers.

When you move further south, you will find the bears of Sånfjället and the virgin forests of Fulufjället more towards the west.  Another of the famous Sweden National parks Tyresta national park, lies in south-east of Stockholm. This park is set in a barren and rocky gorge landscape which is simply unique. The park is surrounded by lakes and forests.

There are innumerable species of flora and fauna to enjoy here in Sweden National parks. You will be thrilled to see occasionally elk, European tree frog, the golden oriole and the hazel dormouse. You will also come across some very rare species of barren strawberry and orchids.
When you move further south, you will come across  “Stenhuvud” , with a ‘head’ that is actually about 100  meter tall hill, that looks out over the fantastic views of Baltic Sea and Danish islands. Today it is a well known landmark for the seafarers and is also one of the top Sweden National parks.

When vesting Sweden, it is a must to visit these national parks. Take a guided tour so as to explore them in full and leave with some enriched and memorable experience.

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