Fun Things to do in Sweden

There are plenty of things to do in Sweden, located between Finland and Norway. Whether you are there alone or with your family or a group of friends, the country is filled with great attractions and has endless choices for its visitors. They can explore mountains and lakes, enjoy sun on the beaches, and visit the fjords. For those with the artistic bent of mind, there are museums, Castles/Palaces, historical architecture to explore. Read on to know about the best things to do in Sweden.

Besides the capital Stockholm, two other major cities are Malmo and Gothenburg. All these cities are beautiful, with great restaurants, great museums and tree-lined streets. There are nightclubs, shopping avenues and Swedish food to keep everyone going. You will find some great fun things to do in Sweden.

In winter
If you go there in winter, you can visit Polar World: The world's largest polar bear park. Elk go on a wild safari in Laukkuluspa, exploring the wildnerness. Enjoy skiing in the Åre village, boasting of three ski areas. The most northly ski resort in Europe is Riksgränsen, which is great for both beginners and experts in skiing. Discover Sami, one of the most ancient surviving cultures in the world. Explore the most vast and spectacular wilderness areas in the Lapland region. So, you see, there are plenty of fun things to do in Sweden during the winters.

In summer
A couple of the best things to do in Sweden in summer are to visit Vaxholm, a small town, situated in Stockholm's archipelago and is referred to as the "pearl of the archipelago". Explore residence of Carl Miles, who was a famous sculptor. Enjoy Lennakatten Railroad, and a train ride. Don’t forget to visit Sandhamn, one of the most popular islands in the Stockholm.

The list on the things to do in Sweden can just go on and on. You need to make a visit there and decide for yourself.

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